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10 Day Road Trip in Iceland

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

When the COVID-19 Pandemic hit, I knew that the travel world be changed for a long time. My family and I had plans to go scuba diving in Belize in March of 2020, but we had to cancel that trip. I also had plans to backpack through Europe (17 countries in 6 weeks) while touring with my choir in Summer 2021, but again that trip was cancelled.

My trip to Iceland was originally supposed to be with a couple friends after we graduated high school, however, due to the ever-changing times we are living in, my friends ended up not being able to go.

So rather than cancel the trip, I asked my dad if he would want to come with me; he answered with a resounding "yes!"

So we got planning as our departure date was less than six weeks away. We decided that we wanted to make a road trip out of it, so we researched everything we could possibly find about Iceland's Ring Road. Here is a copy of our itinerary.

We saw hundreds of waterfalls including Dettifoss, Europe's most powerful one, relaxed in local hot springs, hiked the active volcano, toured the inside of lava tubes, saw glaciers, and tons of wildlife including whales, dolphins, and puffins.

When we made it back to Reykjavik we were a bit sad that we had made it back to humanity. The nine days we spend driving in the middle of nowhere were incredibly peaceful and relaxing even though our days were stuffed with activities.

Our trip was a great way to leave the pandemic behind--almost nobody in Iceland wore masks--and a great way to bond with my dad before I leave for college in August.



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