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Canals, Cannons, and Clocks

Hi friends! I hope you all are well!

After a lovely weekend in Madrid, I set back out on my European adventure. The second weekend in March took me to Copenhagen, Denmark and across the border to Malmö, Sweden. Other than Vienna, the Scandinavian countries have been my favorite.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is a big city that feels like a small city. Everyone bikes and it feels a lot like Amsterdam for this reason. The Streets are rather quaint. After dropping bags I headed to a bakery a friend had recommended. I then wandered through the beautiful botanic gardens and saw some really cool animals. Next up was the Rosenborg Castle. It is a modest castle compared to others from the outside, but the inside was still very decadent. There was a theme of ornate clocks throughout the castle. The castle also holds the crown jewels which, in my opinion, are the prettiest I've seen.

Rosenborg Castle

Danish Crown

Rosenborg Castle Throne Room

I then walked past The Marble Church and Amilesborg palace which is just a square surrounded by regular-looking buildings. Copenhagen doesn't seem to flaunt its monarchy as much as other European countries. The Nyhavn area was very pretty and I'm glad got to walk along the canal for a bit. I then got on a boat tour which was really fun and definitely worth doing! We got to see the little mermaid, and I'm glad was part of this tour because its definitely not worth a visit otherwise. I then had some traditional danish food which wasn't my favorite, but, like Bratislava, I'm glad I tried it. Exhausted, I headed for bed.

View from the Boat Tour

On Saturday morning I did a walking tour of the city (these are quickly becoming my favorite way to explore). The tour was amazing! Before the tour, I was able to see the world clock at the City hall, which completes a rotation once every 25753 years. During the tour we saw the Courthouse, Christiansborg Palace, and got a great overview of the the city and it's history.

Jens Olsen's World Clock

Christiansborg Palace

Saturday night, I had dinner at Barabba which was exceptional! The seven course meal consisted of octopus, caviar and flavors unlike anything I've ever tasted. I would return to Copenhagen solely to come back here.

Dinner at Barraba

After a quick day trip to Malmö (more below) I had one last breakfast at Lille Petra and headed home.

Malmö, Sweden (Country Number 10)

After a quick 40 min train ride from Copenhagen, I had a wonderful breakfast of a cardamom cinnamon roll and a hot chocolate. I then headed to the Malmö museum which

was super fun! Afterwards, I went to the Malmöhus Castle and Museum. It was super cool to hear about the history including that it was a prison for some time. After that, I walked around a bit and saw St. Petri's Cathedral and a couple big squares. I then had an amazing lunch at Gustav Adolfs restaurant which consisted of salmon and shrimp kebabs, and of course, chocolate cake!

Windmill in Malmö

St. Petri's Cathedral

Cannon in Malmöhus Castle

Anyway, thats all for now. Miss you all so much!

Next up: Exploration of the Iberian Peninsula with Sam, Sam and Mom :)

Con amor,



Barabba (restaurant) - Copenhagen



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