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My Journey Through the Countries of The World

Updated: Jan 4

Here is my list of countries in chronological order and a highlight from each country:

1. USA

The U.S. is so vast, that its hard to choose just one favorite part, but as a native Coloradan I would have to say my favorite place is the Back Bowls at Vail Mountain .

2. Mexico

While I didn't get to explore as much of Mexico as I would have liked, my favorite part was diving in Cozumel where we saw nurse sharks among other things.

3. Costa Rica

I have been to Costa Rica twice, once on a service trip and once with my family on vacation. These trips were very different, so I will pick one favorite moment from each:

My favorite moment of the service trip was my homestay were I was able to get super close with my host family.

On the vacation we did a sunset boat ride that I loved.

Sunset in Costa Rica

4. The Bahamas

My dad and I visited the Bahamas while on a cruise through the Caribbean. We didn't have very long in Nassau, but I loved the island feel.

5. The Netherlands

Being in the Netherlands was a stroke of luck (good or bad, undecided) because we missed our layover on the way to Africa. We were very jet-lagged, but my mom and I had a lovely walk through the city and an amazing dinner (you just can't beat European chocolate).

6. Uganda

My mom and I have been to Uganda twice doing service work. We toured Kampala, met the Prime Minister, hike around Lake Bunyonyi, and met with local school groups, but my favorite part was teaching swim lessons to the local village kids in Lake Bunyonyi.

Teaching Swim Lessons to Local Kids in Uganda

7. Rwanda

While we weren’t in Rwanda for very long it was one of my favorites countries up to this point because of all the history we were able to see. We were there around election season, so we were able to see how the Rwandan political season worked. We also visited the Genocide Museum and were able to learn about the dark part of Rwandan History. The most impactful part of our short time in Rwanda was staying at Hôtel des Mille Collines, also known as Hotel Rwanda, the place that housed over 1,000 refugees during the genocide.

At Hôtel des Mille Collines Overlooking Kigali, Rwanda

8. Iceland

Iceland has been my favorite country thus far simply because of all the adventures my dad and I were able to have. We did so many amazing hikes and local activities including bread baking in the Earth, and saw so many beautiful animals including puffins, whales, seals, and dolphins. While it is hard to choose my absolute favorite part, I think that seeing running lava has to be up there; after all, it's not everyday you get to see an active volcano and its lava that close up.

Active Volcano in Iceland

For more on Iceland, here is my 10 day road trip itinerary:

9. The Canary Islands

Finally! My first solo trip! I had the privilege of joining 9 amazing people from all over the world and sailing through the magical Canary Islands. Thanks so much to GAdventures for an incredible adventure!

Hiking in Garajonay National Park (La Gomera)

10. United Kingdom (England)

London was amazing! I loved all the things I was able to learn about as I drove all around the city! I had some amazing food and afternoon tea! Definitely check out the Tower of London and the Victoria and Albert Museum!

Buckingham Palace, London

11. Jamaica

Jamaica was a classic island vacation, but even at the resort we were able to experience some of the Jamaican culture. The diving in Montego Bay was simply incredible!

Montego Bay

12. Azerbaijan

Baku was my first time visiting the Middle East. The mix of cultures including the ancient architecture was an incredible experience. The people here are absolutely wonderful! I would definitely recommend spending a couple days here.

Maiden Tower, Old City, Baku

Ateshgah Fire Temple, Baku

That's all the countries I've had the privilege to see, for now, but this list will be updated as I continue to travel the world.



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